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You Will Intermix, 2016, pencil on paper, 18 x 24 inches unframed (26 x 32 inches framed)

You Will began as a celebration of hair braiding, pineapple production, and prayer. This series aims to explore these subjects beginning with the pineapple's geometry, from its spiral symmetry to the interlocking units that characterize its skin and continue to the heart of the fruit. These configurations also appear in traditions of hair braiding. And in response to this connection, the artist, like a hair braider, allows the pineapple to direct her works on paper without restricting the resulting forms. In both forms of expression, there are no rulers, technological devices, still-life guides, or other shortcuts that predetermine any aspect of the final rendering. Without such limitations, her hands aspire to the unadulterated precision that appears in nature.